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AWARD WINNING Course  – National Certificate of Further Education Level 3 Award (NCFE). IODT CENTRE STATUS FOR UK NCFE AWARDING BODY


Product Description


Considering a career change, starting a business or just getting back on life’s career track, don’t know where to begin, or have the time to work on it? Take time out for yourself during this 3 day commitment to yourself, move forward and take control.

  • identify what you want from your career, and your life
  • explore all the different options available to you
  • your coach and the group will give you shape to a new compelling ten year vision
  • create an action plan to research and explore the possibilities available to you
  • optional; gain a Level 3 Certificate towards your continuous professional development

Helen M. Tucker, The Career Expert, was ranked “Business Excellence Achievement Winner” by BEAM Federation in 2007 and in 1997 was Candace National & International Business Woman of the Year. Her acclaimed Award winning accredited Career Development Programme™ is one of the fastest-growing career development programmes that has been making an impact since 1996.

Aim of the Programme

The primary aim of the Career Development Programme is to empower individuals by offering interactive training within a supportive and encouraging environment that addresses the particular needs of the individual.

The programme aims to provide top quality vocational training in career advancement and development to individuals, combining both theory and practical work.

Objective of the Programme

This programme will assist and evaluate where individuals are within their current position, how to set targets, via action planning and achieve their goals.  The programme will also increase their level of motivation by identifying Career Drivers and the discovery of latent and potential talent as well at turning barriers into positive attributes.


Step 1 Career Decisions

This project will help evaluate who has ‘owned’ the basic decisions about your career so far.

Step 2 Career Drivers

Driving forces and career drivers emerge from a person within, these will be looked at and analysed in how they shape career and goals.

Step 3 Talents & Constraints

A talent audit helps assess talents and then group them into useful clusters.  There are seven sections, each considering a particular cluster of talents which the individual may or may not possess.  Both work and non-work experiences are taken into account.

Step 4 Short, Medium and long term Aims

Visioning the future is a project that will allow the individual to consider the whole issue of their long term career future.  It is a reflective review that will enable the person to plan and focus more on their chosen careers.

Step 5 Setting Objectives

The objectives will clarify for the individual clear priorities and targets that they will have to consider and set.

Step 6 Mentoring & Networking

Networking with key people in organizations, social groups and communities, increasing your personal power and visibility.


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